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Getting Ready for . . . August? - Our July Launch Team Sabbath

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Church planting is work. It's good work. It's good work that requires good rest.

So, in this particular season of our founding, we take the month of July as a sabbatical. It's a sacred sabbath rest from the work of planting.

But it's not a break from church. There isn't one of those.

Church is people, disciples who trust Jesus and constantly live both in and from their faith in him. So we can't stop being who we are, which is church.

And the people who are church cultivate our faith in core practices, the center of which is worship. So we're not taking a break from worship. Sabbath is for worship.

In this short sabbath we will simply change how we worship, for one month. Our focus in on Morning or Evening Prayer, or both. And we'll do what we can to gather in homes or in coffee shops or in restaurants. We'll worship as we rest. We'll rest through worship in addition other restorative practices.

Then we'll gather again for the Holy Eucharist on Sunday, August 4th, and resume our public worship gathered around Word and Table.

See you soon! And may God bless you richly in Christ.

Fr. Greg & the Incarnation Launch Team

P.S. As you worship through this sabbath, enjoy the following playlist.

(click below on the Spotify Playlist to listen)