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Getting Ready for Sunday | 03/17/2019

We will gather together again on Sunday, March 17th at 4pm for the Holy Eucharist.

This Sunday we begin a new sermon series in Lent on Receiving the Gospel. This is the central series in a three-part, seasonal walk through Epiphany, Lent, and Easter. In Epiphany the emphasis was on Seeing the Vision. In Easter we will continue and culminate with a series on discipleship called Following the Risen Jesus.

Each series (Seeing the Vision, Receiving the Gospel, and Following the Risen Jesus) is connected to the overarching work of the God the Holy Spirit in this age, namely, how the local church receives, lives, and shares the saving mission of Jesus Christ. This is the Father's work in the Son by the Spirit, as Irenaeus teaches:

Jesus "took up humanity into himself, the invisible becoming visible, the incomprehensible being made comprehensible, the impassible becoming capable of suffering and the Word being made human, thus summing up all things in himself: so that as in supercelestial, spiritual and invisible things, the Word of God is supreme, so also in things visible and corporeal he might possess the supremacy, and, taking to himself the preeminence, as well as constituting himself head of the church, he might draw all things to himself at the proper time.”

-Irenaeus, Against Heresies 3.16.6.

The Word:

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