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Getting Ready for Sunday | 03/31/2019

We will gather together again on Sunday, March 31st at 4pm for the Holy Eucharist.

This Sunday we continue our sermon series in Lent on Receiving the Gospel. This is the central series in a three-part, seasonal walk through Epiphany, Lent, and Easter. In Epiphany the emphasis was on Seeing the Vision. In Easter we will continue and culminate with a series on discipleship called Following the Risen Jesus.

Each series (Seeing the Vision, Receiving the Gospel, and Following the Risen Jesus) is connected to the overarching work of the God the Holy Spirit in this age, namely, how the local church receives, lives, and shares the saving mission of Jesus Christ. This is the Father's work in the Son by the Spirit, as Irenaeus teaches:

“Once a person learns to read the signs of love and thus to believe it, love leads him into the open field wherein he himself can love. If the prodigal son had not believed that the father's love was already waiting for him, he would not have been able to make the journey home—even if his father's love welcomes him in a way he never would have dreamed of. The decisive thing is that the sinner has heard of a love that could be, and really is, there for him; he is not the one who has to bring himself into line with God; God has always already seen in him, the loveless sinner, a beloved child and has looked upon him and conferred dignity upon him in the light of this love.”

―Hans Urs von Balthasar, Love Alone is Credible

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