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Getting Ready for Sunday | 06/30/2019

The season after Pentecost, also called Trinitytide, is the season of mission. The Spirit has been sent and so have we!

We will gather one more time before our July break this coming Sunday, June 30, at Brazos Christian School, at 4pm.

Our primary text for the sermon will be Galatians 5:1, 13-26.

This text emphases the freedom that Christians live. It is the freedom we spread as share the Gospel as people alive in the Spirit on mission with Jesus.

We do this in contrast to another version "freedom" which is popular in the dominant non-Christian culture. Eugene Peterson writes about this contrast in his memoir.

"I had sensed that these people to whom I was pastor were slipping into a kind of Americanized religion in which they were becoming conformed to the security systems and consumer satisfactions of the culture around them. I wanted to recover the energetic vigor of Paul’s insistence on living original lives in Christ, not lives sustained by hand-me-downs from the culture. Subtle signs had been accumulating for some time that these people to whom I had been a pastor for twenty years were losing their sharp sense of Christian identity. I wanted to tell them again who they were, free men and women in Christ: 'for freedom Christ has set us free!'

"Galatians is Paul’s freedom letter. I spent two years teaching and preaching Galatians, hoping to free their Americanized imaginations for living freely in Christ."

-Eugene Peterson, The Pastor (emphasis added)

The Word:

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