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Getting Ready for Sunday | 09/01/2019

We are gathering this coming Sunday, September 01, at Brazos Christian School at 4pm.

Gathering is the first liturgical activity of the Church, an action that is essential to her mission. As the Church gathers for worship, her members are taken out of individualized isolation and place in relationship with God and others.

"What marks Christians as God's people is that they have become a community that worships God in spirit and in truth. This is what the church must aim at in mission. Mission does not seek to turn sinners into saved individuals; it seeks, rather, to turn disparate individuals into a worshipping community" (Simon Chan, Liturgical Theology).

This transformation, this turning of "disparate individuals into a worshipping community" cannot happen unless the community gathers. So, simply "going to church" is an essential discipline of the believing Christian and trusting obedience into Jesus' mission. For our gathered prayers and praises form us into our participation in the ongoing mission of Jesus.

The Word:

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