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Getting Ready for Sunday, 8/19/2018

"The Chapel" Linocut by Alexis Snell

To better prepare our hearts for worship, we are continuing our blog series called, "Getting Ready for Sunday." We'll include scripture readings, songs we will sing, and any questions/thoughts/quotes to get our hearts and minds right for our gathering.

We are gathering together on Sunday, August 19 at 4pm for the Holy Eucharist. Take a few moments in the next days to read below and prepare your heart for worship:

"The Christian Liturgy, the common prayer of the family of Christ, is a twofold act of worship. We distort its character and give at best an impoverished adoration if we forget this, and find all the significance of the service in the Communion with which it ends. Each of its two movements mounts to a crisis, which corresponds with one of the two supreme self-disclosures of God to man. The first culminates in the solemn reading of the Gospel. There the Living Christ, God's uttered Word within history, speaks to His Church, and His saving and sacrificial action in time and in eternity is brought to mind. The second culminates in the great Eucharistic sacrifice of oblation, thanksgiving and communion. Here that Church presents before God the sacred mystery of this ceaseless sacrificial action, the abiding Presence of the Incarnate is made known to the worshipping soul, and the food of Eternal Life is received in the breaking of bread. Thus, through word and ritual act, all the needs and capacities of man's mixed nature―mind and will, sense and spirit―are met and fulfilled by the Divine Charity; and are given their opportunity for adoring response." ― Evelyn Underhill, The Mystery of Sacrifice: A Meditation on the Liturgy

The Word:

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