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Getting Ready for Trinity 5

Reflection on the Word in our Worship

For God has done what the law, weakened by the flesh, could not do. By sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin, he condemned sin in the flesh, in order that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.-citation

-Romans 8:3-4 (ESV)

The essential contrast which Paul paints is between the weakness of the law and the power of the Spirit. For over against indwelling sin, which is the reason the law is unable to help us in our moral struggle (7:17, 20), Paul now sets the indwelling Spirit, who is both our liberator now from ‘the law of sin and death’ (8:2) and the guarantee of resurrection and eternal glory in the end (8:11, 17, 23). Thus the Christian life is essentially life in the Spirit, that is to say, a life which is animated, sustained, directed and enriched by the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit true Christian discipleship would be inconceivable, indeed impossible. -John Stott

The Collect of the Week

Grant us, O Lord, we pray, the spirit to think and do always those things that are right, that we, who can do no good thing apart from you, may by you be enabled to live according to your will; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

The Word:

(Click on the links below to read Sunday's passages)

Psalm 145:1-13

1 I will magnify you, O God my King, *

and I will praise your Name for ever and ever.

2 Every day will I give thanks to you, *

and praise your Name for ever and ever.

3 Great is the Lord, and most worthy to be praised; *

there is no end of his greatness.

4 One generation shall praise your works to another, *

and shall declare your power.

5 As for me, I will be talking of the glorious splendor of your majesty, *

and of all your wondrous works.

6 They shall speak of the might of your marvelous acts, *

and I also will tell of your greatness.

7 The remembrance of your abundant goodness shall they proclaim, *

and they shall sing of your righteousness.

8 The Lord is gracious and merciful, *

long-suffering, and of great kindness.

9 The Lord is loving to everyone, *

and his mercy is over all his works.

10 All your works praise you, O Lord, *

and your faithful servants give thanks to you.

11 They speak of the glory of your kingdom *

and talk of your power,

12 That your power may be known to the children of men, *

even the glorious splendor of your kingdom.

13 Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, *

and your dominion endures throughout all ages.



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