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We believe there is no more intelligent, captivating, or beautiful person than Jesus of Nazareth. And we believe he invites everyone to trust, follow, and love him. So we are committed to helping the B/CS community find the answer to this question: "How would life be different if we truly loved Jesus and all that He loves?" 

Since Jesus invites everyone to trust, follow, and love him, Jesus meets with us, just as he promised. The most direct ways Jesus meets with us are through the Holy Scriptures and in the ways we worship him. The Holy Scripture are the 66 books of the Bible. And our guide for worship is the Book of Common Prayer. This guide weaves the sacred words of Scripture into our worship, our praying, and our living.

Because we use the Book of Common Prayer, we are a liturgical church. This means that our worship service is highly participatory. When you join us for worship on a Sunday, you will experience the presence of God with us through worship in forms both ancient and new: the reading of Scripture, the recitation of ancient prayers, and singing a rich blend of songs and hymns. Our teachings from the Bible address the deepest questions of our hearts with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each service culminates around the communion table as we share together in the Lord's Supper. 


Beyond our Sunday worship, we are also a church committed to following Jesus in our ordinary lives. We worship God daily as we confess our sins, offer thanks, read Holy Scripture, and pray using the Book of Common Prayer to form us as disciples of Christ. We are committed to living life in the community through small groups and Bible studies. As we remember the gifts we are given from God, we also serve those around us in great need. 

If you haven’t gotten a chance to visit us yet, we invite you to join us on a Sunday afternoon!  

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