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Fr. Greg is doing WHAT!?!?!

Running a marathon was not on my "to do" list for 2020. My goal was simple, run off some of the weight I gained in the Fall semester of 2019 by eating so much pizza with the Anglican Aggies. I needed to move, so I did. I kept running, and when I had extra time on hand during the season of "please stay home, Texas", I kept running. Now I want to run for a long time without quitting.


Why I'm running.

Our founding families at Incarnation are people who don't quit. Bill Meredith knew there had to be some kind of biblically faithful Anglican presence in Brazos County. This was seven years ago. He searched for over a year and kept on searching. He finally googled "Anglican" & "Aggies." This led him to discover Anglican Aggies. He and his family began worshiping with Anglican Aggies and they didn't quit. This became the earliest stages of Incarnation.

Other families have enjoyed significant ministries and experienced the challenges that come with them. They were tossed around by circumstances, tested by deep disappointments, and were often tempted to quit on the local church. But they didn't. I'm running for them because they inspire me to keep going and not quit.

When I'm running.

I am running on Saturday, December 19th. The initial plan was to run the BCS Marathon. However, that event was recently cancelled, understandably so due to the ongoing pandemic. But I'm not quitting! Here is my route and plan

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The need.

Our goal is to raise $24k for Incarnation and $12k for Anglican Aggies. Together that adds up to a total that supports our operations and plans for growth, representing approximately 20% of the Church of the Incarnation total budget of just under $180,000 for 2021.


Would you consider partnering with me in this endeavor?


Church planting and campus mission are both capital intensive efforts. On the church planting side, we have carefully and strategically spent a little over $150k of our initial support over the past 3 years. Our plant will grow into self-sustaining status. In fact, we're almost there. Yet increases to ministry staff (music, Christian education, and administration) and rent will need to precede and sustain our anticipated numerical growth. 


Looking ahead. 

As Anglican Aggies grows, the mission will require an ongoing budget that will increase over time. This would be a most wonderful expense! Eventually, a part-time or full-time Campus Pastor will need to be called. Looking toward 2022, I anticipate that our fundraising needs will increase with less of the total going to Incarnation and more (much more, God willing!) going to Anglican Aggies.

This year's $36k goal is a conservative, slow growth number. Pray with me that next year we will seek to raise about $50k for a Campus Pastor. I need the help now but am willing and able to work harder in the short term while we wait until the time is right for both Incarnation and Anglican Aggies.

Join the race!

My hope is that supporters will sponsor me per mile for the upcoming marathon. Whether it is increments  $1, $2, $5, $10, $15, $20, $50, or $100 per mile (26.2mi, Lord willing), or a total gift amount, we will apply your gift to our continuing mission.

Please click below to give

Anglican Aggies, Church of the Incarnation, and I thank you for your support!


Fr. Greg+