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Connecting the Dots, September 26, 2018

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

"Connecting the Dots" is a series of articles, reflections, and teachings composed and shared in an effort to help us follow the themes and threads between the sermons and scriptures. I pray that this series is useful to the Lord Jesus, our Good Shepherd, as he speaks his word to us and connects our hearts to himself and his Father in the life and love of the Holy Spirit.

Blessings, Fr. Greg+

On Sunday, September 16, we celebrated Holy Cross Day. The idea behind the sermon (though not stated as clearly as I'd planned in the sermon itself) was Adore the Cross, Embrace the Mind of Christ.

That sermon was also preached at our sending church, Christ Church, Waco. A recording of it is available on their podcast.

This focus on the Holy Cross, the center of our salvation, fit into our sermon series at Incarnation by following an invitation to "Abide in Christ" (August 19) and an exhortation to "Stand in the Spirit" (September 2).

The foot of the Holy Cross is where we Abide in Christ and Stand in the Spirit as we Adore the Cross, and Embrace the Mind of Christ.

This reconciliation brought about by Jesus Christ is the basis of our call share Jesus's character. But sharing Jesus's character doesn't happen automatically or accidentally.

Followers of Jesus must pursue holiness. This is the theme of the sermon this week as we learn from and apply Jesus's teaching in Mark 9:38-48.

I strongly recommend reading the entire 9th chapter of Mark's Gospel to get the context of this teaching. And, in particular, pay close attention to verses 33-50.

This exercise in reading God's Word will prepare us to hear and receive Jesus's holy teaching this coming Sunday. It will also build us up in continuity with the overall series in which we are learning to Abide in Christ (08/19), Stand in the Spirit (09/02), Adore the Cross and Embrace the Mind of Christ (09/16), and Pursue Holiness (09/30).

Our upcoming sermons will highlight core Christian attitudes and practices: Treasure the Word (10/07) and Draw Near to Grace (10/21).

See you Sunday and may grace and peace be multiplied to you!

Fr. Greg+




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