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The Sixth Sunday after Trinity | 07/11/2021

Introduction to the Word and Liturgy for Worship

And God put all things under Christʼs feet, and he gave him to the church as head over all things. Now the church is his body, the fullness of him who fills all in all.

-Ephesians 1:22-23 (NET)

The church is the fullness of Christ not because it fills him, but because he fills it.

-Michael Green

The Collect of the Day

Let your merciful ears, O Lord, be open to the prayers of your humble servants; and, that we may receive what we ask, teach us by your Holy Spirit to ask only those things that are pleasing to you; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the same Spirit lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen.

The Word:

(Click on the links below to read Sunday's passages)

  • First Reading: Ephesians 1:1-23

  • Psalm 85 (posted below the Playlist)

  • Gospel Reading: Mark 6:7-13

  • A downloadable Home Liturgy with Spiritual Communion follows the Psalm

(click below on the Spotify Playlist to listen)

Psalm 85

1 Lord, you have been gracious to your land; *

you have turned away the captivity of Jacob. 

2 You have forgiven the offence of your people *

and covered all their sins.

3 You have taken away all your displeasure *

and turned yourself from your wrathful indignation.

4 Restore us then, O God our Savior, *

and let your anger cease from us.

5 Will you be displeased at us for ever, *

and will you stretch out your wrath

from one generation to another?

6 Will you not turn again and quicken us, *

that your people may rejoice in you?

7 Show us your mercy, O Lord, *

and grant us your salvation.

8 I will hearken to what the Lord God will say, *

for he shall speak peace unto his people,

and to his saints, that they turn not again.

9 For his salvation is near to those who fear him, *

that glory may dwell in our land.

10 Mercy and truth have met together; *

righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

11 Truth shall flourish out of the earth, *

and righteousness shall look down from heaven.

12 Indeed, the Lord shall show goodness, *

and our land shall give its increase.

13 Righteousness shall go before him, *

and he shall direct his going in the way.

(from the New Coverdale Psalter as found in the 2019 Book of Common Prayer)

Trinity 6 2021
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